New business hours

NMT is celebrating 50 years in business! The first Coded-Wire Tags were invented in the late 1960’s and Keith Jefferts founded NMT in 1971. Keith was a brilliant physicist and innovator whose work revolutionized fish management. Keith passed away before this celebration, but he left behind a company dedicated to high quality products, innovation, and excellent customer service.

As we continue this tradition, effective today, October 4, 2021, NMT will be open Monday through Thursday, 7:30 am to 4:00 pm, Pacific Time.

Calls and emails will be answered as soon as possible during our business hours. AutoFish field service will be provided Monday through Thursday. Products will be shipped Monday through Thursday. There will be no change in delivery schedules for Coded Wire Tags or other products.

Please contact us at or +1(360)764-8850 if you have questions about our business hours.