Blue Handheld Wands Discontinued

Blue wand shown with the case and holster.

Effective immediately, NMT is discontinuing manufacture and sale of the Blue Handheld Wand Detector. These portable detectors were developed 30 years ago for finding Coded Wire Tags when no external mark was present. More recently, we developed the T-Wand for this purpose. It has proven to be durable and reliable, with superior detection and technology.

Current warranties on Blue Wands will be fully honored by NMT.  

Repairs of Blue Wands no longer under warranty will be addressed as follows:

  • Wands that are 5 years old or less:
    • NMT will continue to tune your wand as possible.
    • Repairs to batteries, switches, lights, and cases will be made as possible. Wands with severe damage will not be repaired.
  • Wands that are older than 5 years:
    • Discard Blue Wands older than 5 years with cracked or broken cases, broken switches, wands that won’t turn on (check the battery first), wands that won’t beep, or other major problems as these can’t be repaired.
    • We will attempt to tune older Blue Wands that are in otherwise good condition.

If you aren’t sure how old your wand is, please contact NMT before sending it (; +1-360-764-8850).