About Northwest Marine Technology

NMT grew from the friendship between a biologist who was searching for a tag to identify millions of hatchery fish and an astrophysicist who had the means to develop it. Supporting sustainable natural resources is at the heart of our company and we are intent on giving our best to achieve it, whether in product design, manufacturing, or customer service.

What do we do?

Simply put, we make tiny fish tags and all the equipment needed to inject them into fish and other animals, and all the equipment needed to detect those tags after injection. We make Coded Wire Tags, Visible Implant Elastomer Tags, and VI Alpha Tags. We also make a fish counter for juveniles. More information about each tag is on other pages of this website.

Homegrown in the USA

NMT is one of those companies that really did start in a garage. Eventually, a barn was added, and later, better equipped production facilities and offices. We believe we can make our products better than anyone else can so we still make them all right here in Washington State. If we need help with something, we work with local businesses whenever possible. When you call us, it will make our day, and you will be talking to an NMT employee in Olympia or Anacortes, Washington

NMT at a Glance

CEO|Dave Knutzen
Best way to contact us|email office@nmt.us or call +1 (360) 764-8850
Headquarters|4003 Airport Road, Anacortes, Washington 98221, USA

Who works here?

NMT employees have a wide range of expertise. We have engineers, physicists, biologists, machinists, production technicians, computer programmers, and administrators. When we aren’t working, NMT employees have been spotted fishing, wind surfing, riding camels, restoring vintage cars, skiing, racing bicycles, and blazing trails in four wheel drive, to name a few pursuits. You can contact any of us at office@nmt.us or by calling +1(360) 764-8850