Visible Implant Elastomer Manual Injection Kits

Our manual injection kits include everything needed for a Visible Implant Elastomer (VIE) Tagging Project. The VIE in each kit may be mixed in small or large quantities as needed. The choice of color is critical to the success of the tagging effort. Please see Selecting VIE Colors and contact us for assistance.

Detailed mixing instructions are included with the kits and in this video.

How many tags per kit?

Manual Elastomer Injector

The Manual Elastomer Injector makes it possible to hold the injection syringe by the needle for better control while tagging.

The number of tags you can make with each ml of elastomer varies with the size and availability of specimens to be tagged. We usually estimate that you would be able to make 250-300 tags per ml as long as you don’t waste much material. Immediately after mixing, you will typically have between 45 minutes (in warm environments) and 2 hours (in cold environments) of working time to inject the tags. As the elastomer cures, it will become too thick to push through the syringe.

If you will be tagging many thousands of animals in a short period, please consider using the Air Driven Elastomer Injection System.

Kit Contents

NOTE: For manual injection kits, VIE is packaged in 3 ml syringes and can only be ordered in increments of 3 ml.  

When the contents of your kit have been exhausted, additional elastomer with the mixing and injection supplies is available as a 6 ml Refill.