Product Manuals

NMT Product Manuals are offered in Adobe PDF format. You can download a free copy of Adobe® Reader® from Adobe to view and print PDF files.





Adult Fish Counter Manual Jan 2016 PDF 1,125K
Coded Wire Tag Reading Instructions Oct 2000 PDF
Coded Wire Tag Reading Instructions Oct 2000 PDF
Handheld "Multishot" Injector Apr 2013 PDF
MKIV Tagging Unit
MKIV Tag Injector
MKIV Quality Control Device
Dec 2014 PDF
CWT single shot injector Feb 2002 PDF
V-Detector Mar 2003 PDF
R-Series Detectors
R-Series seasonal checklist
Mar 2003 Apr 2004 PDF
T4 Detector User's Manual
T4 Detector Stand-alone Version
Dec 2006 Sep 2005 PDF
T13 Detector Users' Manual
T-Wand Instructions
Sep 2006
Dec 2014

Instructions for NMT's New Visible Implant Alpha Tags Oct 2013 PDF 1.5MB
Instructions for Using Soft VI Alpha Tags Jan 2004 PDF
Manual Elastomer Injection System Jul 2009 PDF
Sistemas Manuales de Inyección de Elastómero Sep 2009 PDF
Air Driven Elastomer Injection System May 2010 PDF
AutoFish SCT Operators Manual May 2007 PDF
Individual Fish Counter Operator's Manual May 2007 PDF