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Instructions for NMT's New Visible Implant Alpha Tags (PDF 100K)

Instructions for Using Soft VI Alpha Tags (PDF 46K) APG02

Tagging Reptiles and Amphibians (PDF 60K) APE05

Fluorescing Visible Implant Elastomer and Visible Implant Alpha Tags (PDF 43K)

Operator's Manual (PDF 148K)

Evaluation of the Northwest Marine Technology Individual Fish Counter by Ken Phillipson and Robert Conrad (PDF 61K)

stationFish being placed into the Individual Counting Station funnel


Individual Fish Counter


Main Control System

Northwest Marine Technology is pleased to introduce the Individual Fish Counter. The system is designed for counting fish when they are being processed by hand, such as for fin clipping or vaccinating. The counter will accommodate fish as small as 0.5 grams.

The counter consists of a Main Control System (below) and up to 12 Individual Counting Stations. The fish are placed individually into the Counting Station funnels (above) and sensors detect passing fish. The Control System tallies the individual counts per station and the total count. In addition, the operator can set a total count that will trip an alarm when reached. This feature will be particularly useful for populating ponds.

The Control System can be used free standing or wall mounted. The Individual Counting Stations can be integrated into most fish handling equipment.


Main Control System


Individual Counting Stations


Monthly Rental of Main Control with 4 Stations