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Adult Fish Counter

We are pleased to introduce our new Adult Fish Counter. The Adult Fish Counter is designed to be installed in fishways and ladders to provide real time counts of fish migrating upstream or entering a hatchery. The Adult Fish Counter is available at an introductory price of $14,900 USD.

The Adult Fish Counter includes a control box (above) and a sensor unit (right) that is installed underwater within the fish channel. The system accounts for fish passing upstream or downstream through the sensors. 

This first model of the Adult Fish Counter was developed for salmonids, and tallies adults and jacks separately, based on height. It graphs and displays the number of fish passing on an hourly, daily, and 30-day basis (example screens, below) and tracks temperature. It can be programmed to send a "Target Reached" signal to an existing alarm system or another available indicator to let the operator know when a target number of fish have passed the sensor.

screen shot 1 screen shot 2 screen shot 3