Northwest Marine Technology (NMT) is located in the Puget Sound region of Washington State. We are a small company that has a dedicated staff of biologists, technicians, research scientists, and administrative support staff.

NMT has invented, and sells tags and tagging systems for fish. The Coded Wire Tag (CWT) was the first of these. Today over a billion CWT have been sold throughout the world and used in hundreds of types of fish and other vertebrates.

Our commitment to the problems of fisheries management is ongoing. When NMT identified the need for a tag that could be seen with the naked eye, we undertook the necessary physical and biological research to meet the need. That work led to the idea of implanting biologically inert material underneath transparent and translucent tissue. The result was the Visible Implant family of products which includes the VI Elastomer (VIE) and VI Alpha (VIA) tags. These tags differ from the Coded Wire Tag because their code can be read externally by the naked eye.

We specialize in developing and manufacturing sophisticated mechanical and electronic tools and equipment for fisheries research and management. Most recently, NMT has revolutionized the handling of live fish by developing a system that automatically tags and fin clips immature salmonids. The AutoFish Systems are changing the way hatchery salmon and trout are mass marked.

Our goal is to provide customers with the right equipment and professional support so that each tagging project is successful and that every experience with our company is pleasant.

We invite you to contact us for any questions that you have about the NMT fish marking and tagging systems.

UPS Carbon Neutral Shipping

Northwest Marine Technology is concerned about the environment.
In order to reduce NMT's carbon footprint we are now using UPS Carbon Neutral shipping as our free ground service method within the USA.

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