2019 Price List Released

Our 2019 Price List and Supplemental AutoFish System Price List are now available.

The new lists have changed little since 2018. Coded Wire Tag prices are the same as are the costs of CWT Injectors, Detectors, and most parts, including those for AutoFish System. We are continuing to offer up to $1000 credit towards the purchase of a new T-Wand when you trade in a used blue wand, and up to $4000 credit towards the purchase of a new R-Series CWT Detector when you trade in a used R-Series Detector.

VIE and VI Alpha prices are also the same as in 2018. We have reduced the price of refurbished Air Driven Elastomer Injection Systems to $1000 each. These are units that were previously used as rentals. They have been thoroughly serviced, include all accessories and our standard one year guarantee.

Prices and ordering information are found here. Please contact NMT by phone +1-360-764-8850 or email office@nmt.us if you have any questions.